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Created by dietitians and behavior change experts. Physician-approved.

Everything you need to make weight change real.

Wellos is packed to the pixel with learning, tools, and health transformation journeys.

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Unforgettable learning.

Bite-sized lessons created by dietitians and behavior change experts to build knowledge and spark new ideas.

Focused Phases

Explore topics like cravings, emotional eating, and quality nutrition at your own pace.

100+ Lessons

Watch captivating and calming videos from our team of expert teachers.


Dive even deeper into 200+ physician-backed resources and articles.

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Tracking that teaches.

Elevate your health and eating habits with tracking that gives as much as it takes.

Smart Tips

Personalized tips guide you toward healthier eating habits while you track.

Nutrition Tags

Boost your IQ with nutrition tags that highlight health benefits of specific foods.

Focus on Nutrients

Calories can feel stressful. Optionally hide them to focus on the nutrients that matter.

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Personalized nutrition support.

Wellos can tailor your weight loss experience based on your tracking and data.


Tailored nutritional guidance focused on protein, sugary drinks, healthy fats, and more.


20+ focused tracking challenges designed to drive new ways of eating.

Enhanced Tracking

Supercharge your tracking with nutrient-specific content tailored to you.

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Coaching that comes to you.

Get guidance and support from our team of coaches, dietitians, and behavior change experts.

Coach Chat

Message our team to get answers, get over hurdles, and get real about what you need.

Bite-Sized Tips

Behavior change tips from our coaching team delivered to you based on your tracking and data.

Let’s get real about weight—together.

No fads. Only facts. That’s the Wellos way.


Reframe Food

Learn what quality food is and how to incorporate it with intention.


Build Better Habits

Behavior change practices that fit into your busy, beautiful life.


Overcome Hurdles

Tackle cravings and emotional eating, and rewrite your food story.


Love Yourself

Avoid the shame of diet culture and extreme restrictions.

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Tools for life.

Wellos is just getting started.

Meal cards

Meal Planner

5,000+ delicious and nutrient-dense recipes, weekly meal planning, grocery list and food delivery integration, and one-click tracking.

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Gym Access

Access 16,000+ gyms, fitness locations, and yoga studios with one affordable Wellos code. The best brands and franchises opening their doors to you.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Video-based sessions and enhanced support from a dedicated member of our experienced wellness coaching team.

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Dietitian-approved health transformation journeys

Weekly nutritional insights reports

10+ personalized support tracks

Access to Wellos coaching team

5+ hours dietician-approved video lessons

200+ articles and resources

Early access to new features and tools

Our health leadership.

Approved by our team of health experts.

Dr. Jenny Yu

Dr. Jenny Yu

MD, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

Lisa Valente

Lisa Valente

MS, Nutrition Communication; Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Maddie Warlof

Maddie Warlof

MA, Integrative Health & Well-Being Coaching

Jennifer Husson

Jennifer Husson

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Cathy Pedtke

Cathy Pedtke

MLA in Gastronomy and Food Policy

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